Seminar: Collect Unpaid Business Debts

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  • Seminar
  • 7.45 hours


"I just had to let you know, and thought you might be interested, I have got very pleasing results on my debtors list this month, that I never thought I would get. I got a surprise when I went to type out my overdue list, I have got no 3 month overdue customers and only one customer that owes just over $300.00 in 2 months overdue! Never before in history have I ever had no customers under the 3 months overdue section, or even only one in the 2 months overdue.

That course has definitely proved its value, thank you very much. I have also got a very pleased Boss!" - A very happy customer!


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Seminar Description

Don't pay Debt Collector fees! We'll train you in industry secrets acquired over 25 years of experience that are proven to enhance debt recovery and maintain high customer relations. Book a one day seminar today!

This one day seminar is designed to provide an immediate and effective boost to your debt collection efforts. We will cover the legal complexities involved with debt collection, your credit policies and documentation, assessing credit limits, building customer relations and techniques for the important telephone collection call.


  • Legal issues - ACCC, Privacy Act, Consumer Codes etc
  • Credit Policies / Procedures
  • Credit Documentation
  • Assessing Credit Limits
  • Conducting Trade Reference Checks
  • Using our Credit Application Form to achieve success
  • Benefits of Terms and Conditions
  • Educating the Debtor / Customer
  • Staff Approach and Attitude
  • Commencing the Collection Process
  • Making the Collection Call
  • Building Customer Rapport
  • Problem Solving
  • Location Missing Persons
  • More!

About the Presenter

This session will be led by Horst Guelzow who has been involved in Credit Management for over 25 years and is currently working in the industry doing what he does best ‘collecting money for clients’. Horst draws on his experience in a diverse range of areas including the Finance and Insurance industries as well as the government sector. He has been responsible for setting up credit departments and is a Workplace Trainer and Assessor within the Credit Industry.

Who Should Attend?

Business Owners, Accounts staff, credit controllers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, Business managers, accountants. ALL STAFF who have dealings with customers who are issued with an invoice and who have not paid within YOUR trading terms.

This session runs from 8:45am to 4:30pm, including a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 minute refreshment breaks.

Includes Workbook, Refreshments, Lunch, Notes (Valued at approx $80.00) certificate and networking.

Download File collect-unpaid-business-debts.pdf

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Don't pay exorbitant Debt Recovery fees!
Learn our Debt Collection techniques and do away with Debt Collectors!

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