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Letter of Demand Templates Letter of Demand Templates Letter of Demand Templates

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Our letter of demand templates have been designed for use in your business's day to day debt collection activities.

This package contains three letter templates in Microsoft Word format:

  • Letter of Demand 1: An initial 'assertive but not aggressive' letter of demand, designed to alert your debtors that they have breached your trading terms, but ensuring not to alienate your customer.
  • Letter of Demand 2: A more authoritative second demand letter which can be used as a follow-up to Letter 1, or on its own if negotiations with your debtor have proceeded poorly to this point. This letter requests immediate payment and warns that legal action may ensue if your demands are not met.
  • Final Demand Letter: The challenging final demand letter takes all legal aspects of issuing such a notice into account and indicates to your debtor that this is their final chance to avoid legal action should you pursue that option. It outlines the penalties that will be accrued by your debtor should they fail to pay and have a judgement awarded against them in court.

For best effect, we recommend using these letters in sequence, or begin with the second letter if the situation warrants it.

We find that inexperienced debt collectors invariably choose to send the Final Demand notice as their only demand letter, expecting it to cut to the chase and get the best results. Experience shows, however, that an initial letter with a short payment window can often result in money in your account sooner and prevent alienating your customer.

For absolute best results, your letters should be sent by an established Debt Collection Agency. We find that debtors are more likely to pay if a professional agency has been engaged. We therefore recommend using our cost effective online debt collection service, Collect It Online.

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