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Are your staff trained in the science and art that is Debt Recovery?

You cannot possibly get the best debt collection results from your staff if you do not train them in the ‘Art of Debt Collection’. 

Too many employers and business owners believe that a staff member will be a great Debt Collector or Accounts Receivable person ‘because they did a great job in the warehouse or in customer service’.  The boss then throws that individual into the deep end and wonders why there is conflict with their very best clients!

Our in-house training and debt recovery seminars cover every aspect of the debt collection function and ensures that your staff do not undermine your great marketing efforts of many years in one un-educated telephone call or un-necessary or un-warranted threatening debt collection letter.  Train your staff because Debt Collection in a business is as important as the initial sales or marketing campaign.

How We Can Help

By utilizing our trainers  we can assist your staff in developing proven debt collection techniques. 

We offer the following training services.

  • In-House Training - this enables you have retain your company confidentiality and train your staff in the comfort of your training or board room.
  • Group Training Seminars - these seminars are conducted in major cities around Australia all year.  For further information please visit our Events page
  • Personal Coaching - to ensure that your staff gain maximum results from the training they have received you may want to provide them with Personal Coaching in your workplace by our expert debt collection staff/facilitators
  • E-Books and Resources - Our comprehensive range of Tools and Resources will assist you in ensuring that you gain maximum results
  • Debt Collection/Credit Management Consultancy - Our consultancy service will ensure that your debt collection area is functioning to its optimum
  • Credit Staff Placement - should you require additional experienced credit staff to assist in the reduction of outstanding debtor accounts, we can help!

What you learn today you can use tomorrow and in the future to immediately improve your cash flow.

Contact us today regarding any of our Essential Debt Collection Training services!

Are your staff trained to MAXIMIZE your Debt Recovery without alienating your customers?

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