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 The Definition of Credit Management

Policies aimed at serving the dual purpose of:

(1) Increasing sales revenue sales revenue by extending credit to customers who are deemed a good credit risk, 

(2) Minimizing risk of loss from bad debts by restricting or denying credit to customers who are not a good credit risk.

From this definition we can glean that Credit Management is an integral aspect of ones business.  So don’t cut corners and don’t wait until it is too late to collect your outstanding debts or accounts!

Increasing Credit Control Effectiveness

Effectiveness of credit control lies in procedures employed for judging a prospect's credit worthiness, rather than in procedures used in extracting the owed money.

We have found over many years that too many businesses don’t place the correct attention, resources and/or training into their Credit Management structure or processes. 

Failure to devote the correct credit management processes will impact on your Cash Flow, Profit and Bad Debts!

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ will provide you with the opportunity to access all aspects of the Credit Management processes that are available.

Staff training, staff placement and evaluation of existing staff, advice on Policies/Procedures, reviewing or new credit documentation, advice on assessing credit and all other aspects of Credit Management are only a click away.

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