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Your most important business document.

Because it forms part of your ‘contract’ with your customers it must protect you in all of the key areas of your association with your customers, such as:

  • Identifying with whom you are doing business
  • Details of their office address, delivery addresses and postal address
  • Contact details for owners, directors and accounts, including mobile telephone numbers, office telephone numbers and direct lines, email address, home addresses and telephone numbers for owners / directors
  • Five trade reference provisions
  • Signatures from the ‘authorised’ person
  • Privacy Act consent form for both consumer and business files
  • Retention of Title Clauses (Romalpa clause)
  • Directors Guarantee form
  • Terms and Conditions which include payment terms, debt collection costs, charging of interest clause, complaints clauses, warranties, jurisdiction clause and many others.

We can prepare these forms for you to ensure that you benefit from them in the event of non-payment by your client. 

A correctly prepared form is crucial to your business. Make certain that your credit application forms are created by someone you can trust.

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